Why DoubleThink?

Security and Privacy are two sides of the same coin, in today’s data-driven digital economy. DoubleThink is curated by Porter Novelli and Voce Communications and was built to keep core stakeholders up to date with the latest privacy and security news, regulations and state attitudes.

We aim to provide a curated summary of information within the context of privacy and cyber security. With DoubleThink, we’re keen to move away from an ambulance chasing style of reporting and focus on the news behind the news in order to provide a broad context for events and give our stakeholders useful insight into some of the most important topics in boardrooms today.

Porter Novelli and Voce Communications are firms that work with an extremely broad range of global brands, and we view cyber security, privacy and regulation as central issues facing businesses in every industry today.

If you have any questions about the information we have provided, or are interested in any of the work we do please get in touch.