Mirai worm author revealed by Brian Krebs

Teenagers, multi-million pound organisations, Minecraft servers and anime series’. The investigation into the author of the Mirai botnet that forced Deutsche Telekom, Talk Talk and the Post Office (among many others) offline makes for a fascinating read. 

Mirai, the botnet that subverted thousands of poorly secured internet of things devices and set them to work on denial of service attacks, has been revealed to be the creation of a young DDOS protection developer that was tempted onto the darkside, one Paras Jha aka. Anna-senpai.

In his account, the long and fascinating investigation by Brian Krebs, the security researcher whose site was taken down by Mirai at its strongest, follows a seemingly endless series of breadcrumbs to identity the hacker known as Anna-senpai.

For those that have the time, this cloak and dagger story is a very interesting read for anyone interested in the ecosystem that surrounds DDOS protection and hacker attacks.

In the end, it wasn’t a clever online pursuit that led to the unmasking of Anna-senpai, but instead his own need to take credit for his work, and the disruption it caused.