UK firms faced 230k cyber attacks each in 2016

Recent data published by network specialists, ISP Beaming, suggests that UK businesses suffered on average 230,000 cyber attacks each in 2016, roughly double the amount of attacks on businesses in 2015.

As the number of attacks increases, it is becoming easier to identify the trends of attackers, with roughly one third of attacks in the first quarter of 2016 focussed on compromising corporate databases.

Attacks against IoT devices also saw a dramatic increase, rising 310% between Q1 and Q4 of 2016 as hackers looked to overhaul networked cameras, security systems and other internet-connected devices.

ISP Beaming claim that by the end of the year more than 90% of attacks were focused on taking control of connected devices, with smart home and office technology heavily targeted.

Asked to explain why the volume of cyber attacks against connected devices has risen so rapidly, MD of ISP Beaming Sonia Blizzard commented “The majority of internet cyber-attacks are computer scripts that search the web for weaknesses and probe firewalls constantly for a way in. With the Internet of Things, businesses are punching holes in their own firewalls to provide suppliers with access to devices on their networks. This can open the door to criminals too if not done properly.”