IBM announces Cyber Security AI

On Tuesday, IBM announced that it is launching its IBM Watson for Cyber Security program in beta, with forty clients already signed up to the platform.

Organisations including Sun Financial and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation will test the ability of Watson in its early phases and use it to identify and defend against cyber attacks, Business Insider reports.

Watson’s Cyber Security AI capabilities are designed to identify specific malware programs as well as provide background knowledge on known cybercrime campaigns, the Mirai worm a good current example.

Watson’s machine learning software will improve the platform constantly and the machine will learn hot to interpret cybersecurity data and improve its own analytical capabilities. It will in short, learn from it’s mistakes and successes.

One of the key problems the program will also address is the distribution of cyber security knowledge between organisations. The more companies that use Watson’s platform, the more it will be able to share knowledge and aggregate data in order to improve its systems. The anonymous storage of data by Watson may even mean that financial organisations, that are usually against sharing breach or security feedback, might be willing to share their data to better the defensive wall for all.