Google given seat on Trump’s transition team

The success of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has created some musical chairs for key positions within the US government and has opened the door for a number of big businesses to influence decisions made by the new Trump establishment.

One of these major businesses, The Intercept reports, is Google, whose researcher Joshua Wright has been put in charge of the Federal Trade Commission following his Google-supported academic work.

Following Wright’s recent comments that “a high level of concentration in an industry simply does not mean the industry lacks competition”, David Dayen at The Intercept suggests that this only serves to clarify ‘to some extent how a Trump administration will operate on antitrust policy”.

Dayen writes that while “Google is currently facing antitrust allegations in Europe [and that] in May, Politico reported that the FTC planned to take a second look at Google’s search bias three years after they closed an investigation”, the implementation of someone who has twice been on the Google payroll hiring for the new Administration “may halt any new investigation at the FTC”.