Three Mobile Hacked

Newspapers this morning have reported that one of Britain’s biggest phone companies has been hit by hackers in a breach that could put the personal data of millions of customers at risk.

In an article written by Nadeem Badshah at The Times, Three Mobile are reported to have admitted last night that hackers had accessed its customer upgrade database via an employee login and that the information accessed included names, phone numbers, addresses and dates of birth. It is reported that financial details were not included.

Badshah reports that the National Crime Agency (NCA) have been investigating the breach and have released a statement confirming that a man from Greater Manchester and one from Kent were arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of computer misuse.

The mobile company announced that cybercriminals had been accessing customer accounts, upgrading them and then intercepting the new phones.

This latest cybercrime activity follows the recent Tesco hack, which was also deemed to be somewhat of an inside job. While the market for Identity Access Management solutions is strong, I think we can expect to see Privileged Access Management solutions begin to supercede these broader solutions.