Antitrust: A Busy Week For Tech Giants

Over the course of the last ten days, tech giants the world over have been the focus of a barrage of EU antitrust charges.

Alphabet’s Google have been the most widely targeted, with no less than three formal charges issued against them by the European Commission. On Thursday (11.11.16) Google released its response to the third set of charges regarding Android’s abuse of power.

This latest response comes hot on the heels of yet another response from Google regarding their alleged abuse of search results argued to have damaged organisations including ProtonMail. The organisation at the centre of a press feeding frenzy are beginning to dig their heels in, although ongoing negotiations are expected.

Google are not alone in the defence of their business. Late in October Intel saw their attempt to overturn a record $1,17billion European Union antitrust fine boosted as an adviser to the bloc’s top court suggested the company’s appeal should be re-examined.

Meanwhile, Microsoft are the latest company to come under fire, with both Russia and the EU looking into whether the tech behemoth has abused its position – using Windows 10 to diminish access to third-party app markets.